Stephen Spiller
So I asked: Is Fashion Murder?

Mary (on the left): "If you don't give a shit about who YOU ARE...then no."
Elsa: "I like looking gorgeous...what a stupid question."

"So what do you think of those answers?" You ask me.

Well, before I say more, read the letter Mary wrote next to the first image on the "Go" menu # 1. It begins: Dear Fashionistas, Fashion Whores, and Low Life Bitches .... Amusing? Ridiculous? Pathetic? Yeah, maybe a little crazy, at least outrageous but, hey, you get it when you understand where she's coming from - culture, money, all that.

Then there’s totally childlike Elsa who hides her dark thoughts. Wanting to fit in consumes her. Forget who she IS….it’s all about who she wants to be, is expected to be, or others believe her to be. New clothes, accessories, plastic surgery are her "masks". Grasping for the right “look”, she's empty inside. Happy with - "oh you look so beautiful" - upside down bullshit. See more at # 2.

(Nota bene: The names I've assigned, and the descriptions, are fictionalized to make my point.)