Stephen Spiller

“Is Fashion Murder?” I asked them.

Mary: "Maybe. It depends on NEEDING fashionistas sayin': wear this an' you look hot - Ok? Then that's it, bang ... you dead, inside. You know? If you don't NEED that - bang ... they dead!" She grinned at me.
Elsa: "I look gorgeous...are you fucking stupid...???"

Me: Wow. Crazy answers. Right? Not done yet. Read Mary's angry letter - image # 1 on the "Go" menu at: "Fashion". It begins:

“Dear Fashionistas, Fashion Whores, and Low Life Bitches ....”

Now you're hysterical. Right? What's that about? STUPID? CRUDE? OFFENSIVE? Well okay, call it whatever ... but read it through, then consider where she’s coming from. Images #1 to 12.

Then there’s Elsa, smothering dark thoughts under grotesque makeup, garish hair color and her “fabulous” (just ask her), newest (yeah, second man-made set) breasts. Looks are her identity and age is the enemy. Images #13 to 17.


Children as fashion models. Any thoughts?

Mary glared at me. "Really!!??" She said. "Rainbow colored fishing bait is what they are. Dress 'em up and everybody goes, OOOH! AHHH! SOOO CUTE!! Done. Hooked. Forget school. Just love your shoes. AMAAAZING this. FANTASTIC that. Jewelry. Makeup. It's a disaster. Dress-up is a narcotic. Addiction ends when you're dead."
Elsa: "Gorgeous!!" Images #18 to 22.