Stephen Spiller

Humanity continues to journey away from a “natural world”, a time before complex skills were needed to participate within society, when an “air of innocence” existed and behavior was more intuitive than experiential.

The journey has vast repercussions. One example is beauty evolving from “natural world” experiences of pleasure inspiring lives, to birthing havoc in a socialized world full of artifice infecting lives. Beauty’s commander-in-chief, fashion, may inspire cultural changes and experimentation with new ways for humans to relate to each other. But so does it shamelessly cultivate vanity and employ hypocritical, provocative, and vapid statements in a camouflaged pursuit, and rapacious appetite, for profits.

Who are fashion “victims”? How is victimization manifested? And especially, do “beauty” and fashion spawn fantasy causing false perceptions of identity, and an obsession with appearance qua identity? Beauty and fashion are an art, not an identity. Why is that so confusing to so many people? Who's causing the confusion? And why? - Stephen Spiller