Stephen Spiller


Sometimes individual lives are directed by defining, powerful, moments which become the source of passions acted upon in ways both apparent and hidden. What that defining moment turns out to be, however, can be obvious or not. And when it is not, acting out is the evidence that such an event or events occurred.

My interest is social, political, and cultural subtexts that offer a window into understanding how contemporary life is shaped and lived. My work explores those subtexts by focusing on powerful drivers of individual passions as well as on manifestations of such passion originating from unstated, suppressed, or otherwise hidden events.

Stated in different language, we are the product of our experiences. I want to recognize, and thereby value, individual events, i.e. those experiences – as if to say: “Hey, look! This moment is part of the larger, cohesive experience of me, not something to shed or discard as so much detritus.” I think each day's events are worthy of being collected, and neatly preserved, as if in a suitcase, rather than summarily x-ing the day off on a calendar with black magic marker as it marches on by.
Upcoming Exhibitions

Municipal Heritage Museum, Malaga, Spain (opening September 18, 2014)
Current Publications

Musee Magazine, 2014 Issue # 9 - Temptation

I live and work in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

My art has been included in traditional gallery and museum exhibitions in metropolitan locations, e.g. New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Miami Beach, FL, Arles, France, Malaga, Spain (Sept. 2014) and elsewhere.

My work has been exhibited in online exhibitions, e.g.International Emerging Artists Dubai, and in digital group shows, e.g. Scope Miami Beach, Miami, Fl and See|Exhibition Space, New York, NY.

I have also been recognized in numerous U.S. and international competitions, e.g. Worldwide Gala Photography Awards and California Open Competition, and published in Photographer’s Forum, Best of Photography, International Photography Awards Competition Book, Musee Magazine, and One Life International Photography Competition Catalogue.
What I believe

“... art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move.” Ossie Davis

Language not only expresses thought, it "...actually determines the way in which its speakers perceive the world." Benjamin Lee Whorf.

"Unless art achieves an esthetic shock capable of dissociating us from our established experiences, it is just illustration." From Art In America, attributable to French philosopher Jacques Rancière

"Fashion Is Murder." Words carved in cement by an unknown author. (My take? It's real life memorialized in a Soho sidewalk. Cliches like Drop dead gorgeous. Killer looks. Dressed to kill. To die for. all expresss fantasy - amusing following a lobotomy.)